Sokobanja is a popular tourist resort in the southeast of Serbia. It is surrounded by the mountains Ozren, Devica, Janior, Rtanj and Bukovik. To reach Sokobanja by car take the exit Aleksinac from the main highway Beograd-Niš. The way will further lead you through Aleksinac and along the wonderful Lake Bovan. Moravica, a magnificent mountain river with its impressive canyon runs through Sokobanja. During the hot summer days it offers real refreshment to the tourists as well as to the local residents.
Sokobanja has been well known for it medical properties for centuries but its potential has been even more valued nowadays.
The residents of Sokobanja and the tourists who come here highly appreciate WELNESS (quality life) as defined by the WHO (Worlds Health Organization), which is widely recommended for treating the problems of our modern life such as stress and exhaustion.
You can also take a walk through our parks and enjoy the fresh mountain air, visit the medieval Sokograd (built in the fourth century) or have a bath in Amam and you will soon come to understand the written impressions about Sokobanja left by Ivo Andric, Branislav Nusic and Isidora Sekulic.
The earliest traces of civilization in Sokobanja date from Neolithic period and its spa properties were already known during the Roman times. While being a part of the Osmanian empire, Turks from all over the empire came to visit Sokobanja. The Turkish bath Amam has been preserved from these times and can still be used.
Nowadays, Sokobanja is one of mostly visited spas in Serbia where the visitors come for medical treatments (there are many medical institutions such as Hospital Ozren) but also for vacation and relaxation in a natural and unpolluted area. During the past years the ecological tourism that is especially attractive to foreign tourist has steadily been growing.
Sokobanja is well-liked touristic destination surrounded by wonderful nature and with plenty of thermal waters and pure mountain air.
Sokobanja is situated in the basin between the mountains Rtanj and Ozren on the riverbanks of the river Moravica.
Its moderate continental climate and fresh air are particularly pleasant to people from big cities and especially to those who suffer from various allergies, asthma or bronchitis.
Sokobanja offers to its visitors Aqua Park, wellness and rehabilitation centers, historical monuments, sports facilities, various restaurants clubs and cafés. Dom Konaci Romanov is situated in a quite area of Sokobanja.